Joshua Switzer-Crowe

The Edmonton Piano Tuner

Used Pianos for Sale

1891 Steinhart Piano  -  $1500

This piano has been lovingly refinished.

The action is in great condition for its age and the piano holds a tuning beautifully!

This piano features a birdcage, aka overamper, action that is no longer used in modern pianos.  This action creates a tone that is perfect for playing Classical pieces written in the time that this piano was built.  Each note has a unique after-ring that is typical of this style action.

This is not a piano for children.  It has a full set of original ivory keys, and should be treated as a priceless antique.

I would prefer that this piano go to a home where it will not be played every day.   With light usage this piano will be around and functioning in another 125 years.  

The cost of refinishing this piano is $3500.  This piano is priced below cost.  The piano is also on modern rubber castors which will not mar your floors, and it rolls real easy!

If you love antiques, this is the piano for you!

The stool is not included in this price.   It is available for an additional $250.  The replacement value of the stool is around $350.