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Edmonton Piano Movers

Why use professional movers?

Professional piano movers will save your back, your home, and your piano!!

They can also save you a lot of money when you look at the possible consequences of moving a piano yourselves.  

Pianos weigh, on average, between 600-800lbs.  Sometimes more!

The following recommended movers will always send at least two strong men, sometimes three!

They all possess the proper equipment and know the proper techniques to avoid damaging your property, and your piano.

When booking a move for your piano ensure that any in-piano humidification devices have been emptied prior to their arrival!  Also empty the bench, and clear off the top of the piano.

Most movers need around three days notice, but if you are in a hurry, just phone around!

The three local movers I recommend are:

Dorcy's Piano Moving

These guys are the best in town, but their prices are higher.

They ALWAYS send out a three man crew, which justifies the higher expense.

Say Hi to Kevin for me!


Al's Piano Moving

Al's piano moving is fantastic!  There prices are very reasonable, and their crew is both skilled and knowledgable.  This is who I move most of my pianos with.  Please tell them I say Hello!


Precision Piano Moving and Storage

Precision is a good outfit.  The prices are good.  Lance is the fellow who runs the show.