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Recommended Piano Teachers

Choosing the Right Piano Teacher

Choosing a piano teacher for yourself or for your children is a very important decision!

It is proven that children who take music lessons do significantly better in math and science, so don't wait!  Get them started as early as possible!!

For years, the Royal Conservatory of Music has been the most highly regarded curriculum, but things are starting to change.  There are many fantastic options out there now!

For young children several independent teachers, and schools have begun offering group music lessons.  If your child loves to be around other children, and plays well in a group then I would highly recommend this approach!  The Suzuki method was one the first to do this, followed by Yamaha, and now we have the MYC, Music for Young Children Program!  These are all great options!

For older students, or very motivated young students private, one-on-one lessons are the best approach.

If you want to learn Classical music, of course the Royal Conservatory is an excellent option, but all the other methods will lead to the same end result, with the added luxury of being able to play popular music as well!

I encourage any methods that cover all the musical territory....  Students should practice ear training, theory, rhythm, and harmony.  

If you or your child are not making progress, or enjoying your lessons, it is time to find a different teacher.  Anybody can learn to play the piano, they just need the right kind of encouragement for them!   So if your child has been working on the same piece of music for months, don't blame them!  Try a different teacher!

I also recommend that parents go along to the first few lessons with any teacher so that they can learn what practicing really looks and sounds like.  You will be their coach and they will need your support.  Yelling at them to keep practicing while you watch television or work on the computer will not get the results that you want to hear!  Besides, you want to hear improvement, you are spending a lot of your hard earned money on lessons!

Please be sure to tune your piano, and have the mechanical maintenance taken care of as well!  A piano that is tuned, and working properly, is paramount to your child's success in piano lessons!

‚Äč1. Marah Pantzer - Bachelor of Music


Lee Ridge Road Edmonton

I have heard nothing but great things, from this teachers students, both young and old!

2. Caroline Lenk

780-438-4764 - Twin Brooks

Miss Caroline has a beautiful studio in South Edmonton.  She is a teacher in the Music for Young Children Program.  I have worked with her for several years and highly recommend her!

3. Maggie Fung


161 Avenue and 95 Street

Maggie is a passionate teacher for the little folks! Specializing in the Music for Young Children Program.

4. Giovanni School of Music


Giovanni school of music offers lessons on a variety of instruments for all ages.  Their instructors are fully qualified, Yamaha instructors.  They are on Mayfield Road in West Edmonton

5. Michelle Miller ARCT

Michelle is another MYC teacher who resides in the Clareview area of Edmonton.  She has a beautiful grand piano and a great group-lesson studio.

6. Upbeat Music - St Albert

Tracey Demuynk B. Ed.


Beautiful studio in St. Albert, great Yamaha piano!  Teaching piano, voice, and theory.

7. Denise Boudreau - Mount Pleasant
Denise is an experienced teacher who has worked for several local studios, but has now opened her own!