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Piano Tuning

Choosing the right piano tuner can be a challenge!  You want the best care possible for your piano and Joshua can provide for and exceed your expectations!

Joshua strives to get the most out of every piano he works on, and he can get the best sound out of your piano!  He has been trained in the latest techniques and methods as well as had many hours on the latest models of new pianos.  He also tunes and maintains antique pianos.  Joshua tunes for the University of Alberta and many local churches and institutions.

Joshua is capable of more than just piano tuning!  He has the skills to make your piano sing! 

We offer complete Piano Service!


Joshua Switzer-Crowe tunes and maintains the pianos for some of the most prestigious venues and institutions in Edmonton.  Many local businesses and artists trust Joshua for the care and maintenance of their pianos.  

Whether the piano is in your home, school, church or business, Joshua will make sure that it plays to its full potential.

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About Joshua

Josh is a very fine and solid piano tuner who does absolutely the best kind of work. He has taken the time with my piano to tune it within the realm of perfection. As a piano technician his work is first class and he is very conscientious as to getting the most out of any piano he works on. He is among the best piano tuners in the city. 


Charles Austin - Pianist & Educator

Grant MacEwan University - Retired

The piano and I are still very very very happy with all the TLC you provided!

Tina P.
  • Piano Tuning
  • Piano Repair
  • Piano Appraisals
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Piano Regulation
  • Voicing of the Piano
  • Restoration of the Piano
  • Keytop Replacement
  • Keybed Rebuilding
  • Re-Stringing & Repinning


Joshua Switzer-Crowe

The Edmonton Piano Tuner

Thanks for taking the extra time to help me find the right piano!! 

Brendan Barkwell,

Owner of Brendan Barkwell Music

I thought you really did a good job last year - Ferbert (I name my pianos - eep!) played like a dream all last year! I imagine that moving will change his tune a little, so it would be great to have you take a look at him after he is in place again.

Emily M.